P.LTD is a domain name which has the shortest extension ideally suitable for private or proprietary company names.
ITNOSA (PRIVATE) LIMITED, based in Sri Lanka, is the registered owner, administrator and operator of the domain P.LTD.
Second level subdomains of the domain P.LTD are provided to third parties for a rental fee subject to the terms and conditions laid down by the owner of the domain P.LTD. A self managed 5-page website and access to contentent management control panel is provided with each subdomain.
Any Private company whose company name ending with (Private) Limited, (Pvt) Limited, (p) Limited, (Pvt) Ltd etc or any proprietary company whose name ending with (Proprietary) Limited, (Pty) Limited, (Pty) Ltd etc can get listed in P.LTD company directory. All directory listings will get a 5-page website with a domain name identical to the company name. This website ending with "" (i.e. "") can be used as a secondary website if your company already has a one.

Frequently Asked Questions

Either a scanned copy of certificate of incorporation of the company, sent by email, or a valid proof that your company owns a website with a domain name identical to the subdomain name is the minimum requirement to apply for a subdomain of the domain P.LTD. Only the company names ending with any one of the following formats should apply for subdomains.

  • (Private) Limited
  • (Private) Ltd
  • (Pvt) Limited
  • (Pvt) Ltd
  • (P) Limited
  • (P) Ltd
  • (Pte) Limited
  • (Pte) Ltd
  • (Proprietary) Limited
  • (Proprietary) Ltd
  • (Pty) Limited
  • (Pty) Ltd

Reading from left to right as printed on the certificate of incorporation, combination of full company name or part thereof not less than two words if both words are standard dictionary words.

1) Assume the company name is Best Seafood Restaurant (Private) Limited.

Then, the following subdomain names are acceptable.


However, the following subdomain names are NOT acceptable.


2) Assume the company name is Seafood Restaurant (Pty) Ltd.

Then, the following subdomain names are acceptable.


However, the following subdomain names are NOT acceptable.


3) Assume the company name is Itnosa (Private) Limited.

Then, only the following subdomain name is acceptable.


Use the online registration form to apply for a Registered Trial User account.

Company owners, their employees or their representative can register either a single subdomain or multiple subdomains, subject to our Terms and Conditions for Registered Users.

Single email address may be used for multiple subdomain registrations. However, Renters are required to maintain User accounts for the content management control panel independent from one another.

If the registration request is approved, the prospective Renter of the subdomain will receive an email with instructions on how to create a Registered Trial User account.

All registration requests are approved on first come, first served basis. All applicants, whether accepted or not, will be notified within 3 business days.

Registered Trial User account vs Registered Paid User account:

The trial period for Registered Trial User account is valid for 28 days and upon completion of the first 14 days the Renter will receive an invoice from the owner/operator, ITNOSA (PRIVATE) LIMITED, for the Rental Fees based on the selected payment plan.

If the payment is paid on or before the expiry date of the trial period, the Registered Trial User account will be converted to a Registered Paid User account.

If the payment is not paid on or before the expiry date of the trial period, the Registered Trial User account and the content of the pages of the website will be permanently deleted from the system.

Both Registered Trial User accounts and Registered Paid User accounts are subject to terms and conditions of the agreement between the owner/operator of the domain P.LTD and the Renter of a subdomain of the domain P.LTD.

The operator of the domain P.LTD hosts and maintains the control panel of the do it yourself websites for subdomains. The Registered Users are provided with login credentials to the content management control panel.

The Renter is responsible for maintaining the contents of the website.

An automatically generated terms of service (TOS) modal dialog popup, residing in the footer of the website, will be made available by the system.

Important! email addresses are not available for the subdomain.

Only the following features are available to Registered Users.

  • Change the colours of the web pages.
  • Upload Images to the home page.
  • Update text content of the home page, about page and contact page.
  • Update maximum 5 obfuscated email addresses and maximum 5 obfuscated telephone numbers on contact page.
  • Update Links to Social Media websites provided in the footer.
  • Update Link to a external website provided in the footer and at the top of the contact page.
  • Update geographical location details to Google map and Bing map.
  • Update Links, on images page, to Image galleries hosted by third parties.
  • Update Links, on videos page, to Videos hosted by third parties.

Hands on experience in maintaining an account with Social Media (i.e. Facebook, Twitter etc) should be sufficient.

Yes. The subdomain Renter has the option to point the subdomain name to an external website address by URL forwarding. However, domain mapping is not available.

Sorry, transferring is not allowed.

A prospective Renter should go through the standard application procedure.

However, the email address of the Renter can be changed. Therefore, the person in-charge of maintenace can be changed.

Industry standard security is provided to protect all website content stored by Renters. The email addresses and telephone numbers which are displayed on the contact page are protected from "harvesting bots", web spiders and crawlers.
Subdomain websites are hosted with one of the best hosting services in the United States who provides 100% Network Uptime Guarantee.

Our payment methods are described here.  

Refunds are not made since 28 days of Trial period (without making any payment) is made available for each subdomain offered for rent.

No Refunds are made for unused period if the account is terminated by the Renter.

Similarly, no Refunds are made for unused period if the account is terminated by the Owner due to breach of Terms and Conditions.

Our Refund Policy is described here.  

Support is provided via email only.

Support service does not include updating contents and uploading images for Renters.

Support service is handled via

Your spam/junk email filter on your email account may be blocking incoming email from P.LTD.

To avoid this, please make sure that you whitelist email addresses ending with "" and "".

Yes. Multiple user account owner can manage multiple accounts from a single computer simultaneousely without any conflict.

Any individual or organization may participate in the Discount Programme.

Discount price is applied for both new subdomain purchases and renewals.

This Programme is ideal for resellers, web designers and social media marketers.

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